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Oracle I-Ching Symbol

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The Oracle I-Ching is a very ancient symbol of philosophical divination least 3,000 years old. Its symbolic meaning is about finding balance and equilibrium.

Oracle I-Ching Symbol

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The Oracle I-Ching is a very ancient symbol of philosophical divination dating back at least 3,000 years. It is still used today. Although it significance is complex and wide-ranging (see more detailed explanation below), the symbolic meaning behind this I-Ching is about finding balance and equilibrium.

The I-Ching (also known as The Book of Changes was the only text that escaped destruction when all of the Chinese philosophical works were destroyed around the thirdt century B.C. The text has been called one of the most important sources of Chinese culture. It has influenced fields as varied as mathematics, science, medicine, martial arts, philosophy, history, literature, art, ethics, military affairs and religion. Joseph Campbell describes the I Ching as "an encyclopedia of oracles, based on a mythic view of the universe that is fundamental to all Chinese thought."

Confucious said that if he had fifty years to spare, he would devote them to the I Ching. The ten commentaries of Confucius, (or Ten Wings), transformed the I Ching from a divination text into a "philosophical masterpiece". It was this form of the I Ching that inspired the Taoists, Chuang Tzu and Lao Tzu. It has influenced Confucians and other philosophers and scientists ever since.


The Oracle I-Ching is available with differing options.

The base symbol is encircled & made of solid sterling silver. It is 2cms in diameter & is supplied with a hand-made black, cotton cord.

It is also possible to purchase the symbol with an elegant solid sterling silver chain. There is also a larger encircled model (size 2.6 cms in diameter), & an open version (3.0 cms circa, depending on the model)

All items are sold with its own exquisite gift box and bag (as seen in the photos).

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